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Psiphon Inc. is a company based in Toronto, producing open-source multi-platform software that helps over 3 million people every week connect to content on the Internet. We’re a team focused on delivering the best software we can, introducing new products regularly and making sure we develop to the needs of our constantly growing global audience.

Exec Team

Michael Hull is President of Psiphon Inc., and has been with Psiphon since the very beginning, when it started as a project at the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto. He has since led the software development effort and helps to drive the innovation that keeps Psiphon at the very top of its game.

Software Development

At Psiphon, we need our users to have a good experience. That means that our software needs to be easy to use, our network needs to be fast, and they both need to be rock-solid stable. This is tough for any developers to achieve, but especialy so when your software has to operate in an ever-changing adversarial environment and across many languages and platforms.

We also know that it's just as important to work hard for our users behind the scenes. We protect our users and their data to the utmost. Users might never notice the measures to ensure their privacy and security, but we know they appreciate it.

Psiphon's software development team strives to deliver the best, fastest, easiest, and most open circumvention solutions. We're also exploring new areas where our expertise can protect, empower, and free the minds of users worldwide.

Operations and Outreach

We have contracts in place with a range of companies, from large-scale international broadcasters to small human rights organizations operating in single countries. Our Operations and Outreach team compiles reports showing them how many people are accessing Psiphon through their distribution methods. They also study trends and look out for upcoming events that might impact the free flow of information on the Internet.


Psiphon works closely with various groups to provide support and advice to people using Psiphon wherever they are. We have translations for our software in dozens of languages, and are adding more to our products through Transifex, with the help of the Localization Lab.

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